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About Us

Excelsior Yearbooks , was established in 2013 under the leadership of new age freelance writer AYON ROY , in order to serve the society with the field of General Knowledge , Current Affairs in a revamped manner and till date Excelsior Yearbooks has been catering to , what it has initially planned to .
Though not much years have passed from the time EXCELSIOR YEARBOOKS was initiated , but in this short span of time the organization has achieved a lot it has initially expected , be it the support of Readers , Publishers , Online Selling Partners like Amazon . In the time span of last few years , EXCELSIOR YEARBOOKS has already published quite a few quality books titled EXCELSIOR 2017 , 2016 , 2015 , 2014 , 2013 and all these editions have gone great guns over AMAZON and the ebook format of the books have been also giving remarkable perfromance on KINDLE . We at EXCELSIOR YEARBOOKS , further assure you that we in the coming years would be catering to you in the same manner we have been doing for the last years with much new interesting things at your reach for a better clarity in the field of General Knowledge , Current Affairs etc. 

For many years now , Excelsior Yearbooks has designed and published quality books on General Knowledge , focusing on day to day happenings with special emphasis on Current Affairs etc. We are fully aware that over and above the books we publish , we are building and transmitting knowledge to the society. At Excelsior Yearbooks , there is a firm belief that a great relationship rides on trust , transparency and communication . Our long journey has been based on the very trust that our readers have placed in us over the years . At the onset of the journey , we started off alone and then people kept joining hands with us along the way . Being trustworthy is a real good thing in today`s world where it is virtually impossible to put your faith on anyone .
But for us at Excelsior Yearbooks , it is quite clearly a commitment to be transparent and true . Whether it`s giving you quality books at the best level or being transparent in all our doings , or delivering you the best pieces of information as gathered by us , because we know your urge towards updating yourself with the best tits and bits of the world . Whatever we create , whatever we design , whatever facts we put in , whatever we publish , we can be trusted to deliver , to surpass , to achieve . We have come a long way , but there is still a long way to go and with trust and support , we shall continue to conquer new frontiers . Thank you all for supporting us throughout our evolution .

But , Ayon Roy has paused compiling the resources of General Knowledge in the form of a book ; as he is currently diving deeper into the field of Machine Learning , but plans to resume writing the books !!

Worry not , another editions of Excelsior Yearbooks are coming soon !!

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