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Excelsior Yearbooks ; publishes one of the best books for General Knowledge in the market with detailed analysis on several issues ranging from politics , education , sports etc. In each of it`s latest editions , several new sections are added in order to increase the authenticity of the books . Moreover , the support of Online marketing platform AMAZON further helps the group in bringing out more of such type of books in the recent years.

1 ) A self-approach to current-happenings in the world. 

2 ) Aims at encouraging people to study and analyze the happenings.

3 ) Gives a new and systematic view of each month`s happenings with different sections. 

4 ) Details of people, objects have been highlighted in a specific month as the Monthly Star . 

Excelsior 2017

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Excelsior 2016

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Excelsior 2015

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Excelsior 2014

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Excelsior 2013

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